REGULAR CLEAN: Wipe down the tops of cleared surfaces, counters and tables, general dust  of picture frames, cleaning of mirrors, disinfect showers, sinks, and tubs, wipe counters and tables, clean stove top, vacuum and mop all floors.

DEEP CLEAN: In addition to a regular clean we will wash cabinets, baseboards, door frames, windows, window sills, window panes, and doors and can pay special attention to areas that need scrubbing such as shower doors and tubs. 

SPECIAL CLEAN: We also offer appliances cleaning: oven, microwave, and refrigerator. In addition, inside of  hood range, we can wash each individual knick-knack, mini-blind, window, light fixture, and ceiling fan. Also available: oil or wax hardwood and stone. 


Vacuum and mop all floors, wipe down baseboards and closets, restore bathroom sink and tub, clean inside & outside of cabinets, restore inside, outside and under refrigerator, restore stove top and oven. 

Offices, Restaurants & Stores

Vacuum and mop all floors, including stairwells, wipe down tops of cleared surfaces, wipe monitors, clean furniture, disinfect bathrooms, banisters, and phones, wipe down employee lounge (including fridge and microwave), and remove waste.


We offer regular cleaning, deep cleaning, as well as wiping out refrigerators, stove range, oven, laundry, making beds, buying supplies, and staging.  

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