Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule a cleaning?

It is best to schedule a cleaning at least 72 hours in advance. Though we can do emergency cleaning services. 


Do you use Green products?

Yes all of our products are safe, non-toxic, for kids, pets and the environment.

Do you clean businesses?
Yes! We do Airbnbs, hotels, construction sites, restaurants and offices.

Do you clean pet hair?

Yes, we frequently clean pet hair off of furniture and carpets. We love to help care for our furry friends.

Do you organize closets and rooms?

Yes,  we will take care of the organizing so maintenance is easier!

Do you offer Deep Cleaning?

Yes, we can do baseboards, inside of cabinets, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dryers, and window cleaning.

Can we cancel and reschedule our cleaning?

Yes, but we need at least 48 hours of advance notice.

When can we expect your arrival? 

Please allow one hour from the time of our scheduled cleaning for our arrival. 

Who will come to clean our home?

Rosary & Michael, the founders, come and clean each home with care.